Cloudy Yellow Headlights
Are Ugly and DANGEROUS!
“I Restore Headlights” will completely
resurface your plastic headlight lens,
restore the original clarity and brightness
then apply a protective UV sealer to
guard against future damage from the
sun and elements.
Every car today is manufactured with Plastic Headlight 
Lenses. These plastics are very susceptible to road and 
weather conditions  and harsh UV rays. Our harsh climate
can cause plastic to break down from the outside in.

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Whether your car’s plastic headlight lenses are dull, hazy, faded or even oxidized, ugly or yellow, our Headlight Restoration Service will make them look new again! You will save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars in costly replacements depending on your vehicle. Before you attempt to replace your headlights, Please let “I Restore Headlights” come and restore your headlights to new condition.

Many consumers neglect there headlights until it is too late. Many consumers are not aware that their cloudy foggy headlights could even be repaired, because the majority believe that the faded yellowish appearance of their headlights is because there is damage to the inside of the lens.

That is a huge misconception of the general public of the "cloudy" headlights only a small few have damage to the inside of the lens making up about 5-10 %.

Clean Clear Headlights Are Not Only Safer But They Also Make Your Vehicle Look A Lot Better:

These are some of the benefits of our Headlight Restoration Service:

* Increase Safety

* Increase Resale Value

* Increases Visibility & Light Projection

* Improves Appearance & Adds Beauty

* Save Money (Save Hundreds If Not Thousands Of Dollars In Costly Replacement)

* Retain Your Same Original Headlights (After-Market Headlights don't always fit perfect)